20/20 in 2020: Setting Our Vision on Christ

Happy New Year! We are in 2020—can you believe it? Oh how the years fly by! But we don’t want to let this one go too quickly, at least not without using the year itself as a way of renewing focus for both you and ourselves. And so throughout 2020, we’ll be focusing on a theme which we’re calling, 20/20 in 2020: Setting Our Vision on Christ.

Throughout the year, we’ll be posting articles revolving around that theme. We hope to encourage you to turn your eyes (and heart) from worldly things and toward Christ. As always, we’ll use the world of anime, manga, light novels, and other Japanese media to explore scriptural ideas. I’m excited about this focus, and I hope you will be, too!

2020 is also special to us for another reason: It is the 10th anniversary of Beneath the Tangles. Can you believe we’ve been moving forward with this crazy idea to bridge faith and anime for a whole decade? We’ll be celebrating this milestone throughout the year, with special monthly posts revising the past as well as volunteers from our history returning to do their magic once again.

We hope you’ll be able to celebrate our history along with us this year, as we look forward, with our eyes straight ahead and on what’s most important: the Almighty and loving God. Stay tuned, and join us, won’t you? I can already tell—it’s going to be an amazing 2020.

Featured illustration by CherryInTheSun (reprinted w/permission)


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