Introducing Doki Doki News, Your New Anime News Source!

As Beneath the Tangles grows, we want to not only be your destination for anime, manga, and light novel analysis, but a platform for all things anime. Toward that end, in 2019 we continued to develop the TangleCast to provide an anime podcast for your listening ears, and also continued to expand our Anime Pop Heart platform, which focuses on fan art. And starting today, I’m proud to introduce our first real foray into the world of anime reporting with Doki Doki News.

Our newest staff member, BambiBethy, will be bringing you snippets of interesting news in the world of anime on Fridays as as news breaks. Along with the TangleCast, this is our second audio platform—you’ll be able to listen directly on our website and through SoundCloud.

Our slogan? Anime and gaming news so fast it’ll make your heart pound.

Check out our first episode and please subscribe to our SoundCloud channel.

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