First Impression: Asteroid in Love

As a young girl, Mira met a boy her age, Ao, who seemed interested in astronomy, and made a promise with him to find an asteroid and name it after him. After that, she herself became interested in astronomy and had plans to join the astronomy club in high school, only to discover that due to lack of members, the astronomy and geology clubs have merged into the Earth Sciences club. On the bright side, she has a fateful reunion with Ao, who turns out to actually be a girl, but eh, minor details. Now with an even greater drive, Mira must also work with the geology side of the club to help produce a newsletter, increase the club’s budget, and discover that asteroid.

Adding yet another entry to the list of “cute-girls-doing-cute-things anime originating from Manga Time Kirara and produced by studio Doga Kobo,” Asteroid in Love (Japanese title: Koisuru Asteroid; KoiAs for short) looks to be a great show for those who want a nice, fluffy, laid-back comedy. I especially liked the relationship between Mira and Ao, particularly on Ao’s side with her more awkward reaction to the reunion and trying to figure out how to reconnect with her friend. (Of course, this being your usual cute-girl-doing-cute-things show, expect plenty of yuri teasing.) Beyond that, I’m also interested in how the show approaches the actual geology and astronomy activities. Both of those aspects have the potential for both educational bits and showing the joy of discovering the wonders of the earth and space. With the show’s already solid visual appeal courtesy of studio Doga Kobo, this show may very well make you fall in love with geology and astronomy even more. All this is to say, this is one of my most anticipated shows of the season.

Asteroid in Love is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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