First Impression: ID INVADED

I am in general always ready for a good detective show. And when I saw that ID INVADED promised me a detective who somehow entered the “personalities” of murderers in order to solve crimes, by an ability gained from having murdered himself, since revenge drove him to that extent after his daughter had been murdered — well, I had seen enough to pique my interest. Which was to my advantage, since the beginning of the first episode of ID INVADED is disorienting, to put it mildly.

I can relate. Actually, no, I can’t.

It seems our protagonist Sakaido wakes up already in some sort of deep dive, allegedly within a serial murderer’s personality. Upon putting some pieces together and finding a body, Sakaido remembers that it’s his job to solve the crime, being uniquely qualified as a talented detective who himself had committed murder. Sakaido is assisted meanwhile by other detectives observing him from the real world, in a setup very reminiscent of Minority Report. Using data and images direct from Sakaido, these detectives do their part on solving the mystery and finding the serial killer.

What? Now, just when things are starting to get interesting?

The episode ends at what will probably turn out to be the climax of the real-world investigation leading from Sakaido’s deep dive into the killer’s unconscious. This episode is smartly paced, and given where they’ve left it, I will doubtlessly be watching episode 2. Which is a good thing, since it’s become available at the same time. Those of you who want to watch ID INVADED can do so with a membership at the Funimation website or on Hulu.

MAL rating: 7/10 so far (and much closer to 8 than to 6)

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  1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the first episode! I have not seen ID INVADED yet, but the premise draws me immensely. Hope to see it once I find a friend’s Funimation account I can borrow!

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