First Impression – ID:INVADED

Have you ever wanted to enter the mind of a murderer? There have been several shows that have attempted to explore this in detail, to see why criminals do what they do when others wouldn’t. ID:INVADED dives into this theme with an investigative team trying to stop a serial killer from creating more victims. It actually reminded me of Assassin’s Creed which had a similar setup.

Sakaido, the main protagonist, is in a “well,” which is like a piece of someone’s mind. He is attempting to solve the mystery of the man who is drilling holes into the heads of people. He gets input and direction from a team of detectives in the real world which he is connected to a machine (think The Matrix) that lets him interact with this digital realm.

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The team on the other end has to find the killer before he ends the life of one of their teammates, who was kidnapped.

I don’t want to ruin the whole episode, as I found it pretty intense and kept me interested in what would happen next. Sakaido’s story has me intrigued since it’s shared that his daughter was murdered yet he himself is a murderer. He somewhat understands the crazed minds behind the suspects, so he is part of the team to stop them.

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The animation was crisp and well done, as were the action sequences. I will be watching episode 2 as I want to learn more about these characters and what journey they will embark on. It’s pretty intense and I wouldn’t recommend it for small children, as there are blood, death, and depictions of suicide.

Let us know what you thought for those that have watched episode 1. What did you think?


ID:Invaded can be streamed on Funimation and Hulu. R86 also viewed the first episode—check out his thoughts on the show!


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