First Impression: Undead Unluck (Manga)

This past weekend a new manga series from Yoshifumi Tozuka dropped on Shonen Jump entitled Undead Unluck. The first chapter has…a lot.

The chapter begins with Fuuko Izumo about to kill herself! She is supernaturally unlucky. When people touch her skin, disaster strikes. This can be anything from a handshake to a kiss on the cheek. She is saved by a man who calls himself “Undead.” He’s not a zombie-he will correct you if you call him one. The first chapter follows Undead (Andy) and Izumo as she tries to stay safe and he tries to get skin-to-skin contact so he can die. This includes…Undead being very gropey and continuing to harass Izumo. It’s not a good look.

Undead has lived a very long time as an undead creature and just wants to die. He has lived thousands of years and is ready for death. So, his goal is to keep Izumo safe so that her lack of luck will hopefully kill him.

Undead trying to embrace Izumo from Undead Unluck in order to get more skin to skin contact and, hopefully, use her power of unluck to kill himself.

Undead also protects her from some unexpected assassins who want to use her unluck ability to make her an assassin too. I think. Their goals are not entirely clear.

The entire world setting and premise is absurd and absolutely feels like it is already fan-service heavy. The first chapter showed some skin including a fully nude (with blocked genitalia) Undead. With a premise like this, I expect more in future chapters. However, the concept of an ensouled undead being wanting to finally die by using the supernatural powers of another to make it happen is fascinating. I may try this out for a few chapters to see where it goes.

You can read Undead Unluck at Shonen Jump. The most current chapters are always free.


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  1. I’ve actually been enjoying this one. You’re right though, the premise is silly and has some serious fanservice moments. Still, Andy is an interesting character and Fuuko is growing on me. The “purpose” of the characters that is revealed later on is slightly offensive but I have to remind myself it’s a work of fiction and not get too bent out of shape over it.

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