Madoka Side Story Magia Record Episode 6: So Lucky, So What?

Well…that was a disappointment.

We’ll get to Kyoko in a minute.

I’ve spoken thus far of my admiration for Magia Record, even though it’s started to settle into the formulaic. Episode six solidified the structure: Introduce new magical girls (one of whom has a problem), investigate a rumor, and fight against the rumor while also solving the magical girl issue and moving the main story along. Meanwhile, as the season progresses, Iroha and Yachiyo grow closer, and we’re given fan service in the form of old friends who get involved in the plot.

Each episode has proven strong enough that the formula has been fine, and episode five especially gave viewers a lot to dwell on. But for the first time, episode six continued with the flow and provided me nothing of interest. After five weeks of believing that Magia Record could be special in its own right, I’m now wondering if I’ve been suckered.

In episode six, Iroha decides to spend the day in the city, continuing to investigate her sister’s disappearance before she returns home. While out, she encounters another rumor (uwasa), Lucky Owl Water, a drink that brings you incredible luck before plunging you into the opposite unless you drink the beverage again. You can only drink once a day and from a certain location. Also introduced is Felicia, another magical girl, fierce and selfish with such a vengeful ferocity against witches that she puts teammates in danger without a second thought (when she’s not swindling them for money).

Iroha and Felicia are later joined by Yachiyo and Tsuruno to investigate the uwasa. There, Wings of the Magius, those offering the drink, also offer something compelling to Felicia: work for them and they will eradicate all witches.

As I mentioned before, there’s nothing unique to this episode. The structure stays the same, with various parts that are switched out. I think that maybe since I’m not really interested in Felicia’s character, that I wasn’t engaged by this episode and could better see the weaknesses now apparent in the series. The same goes for our fanservice character, too—I like Kyoko alright, but she was my least favorite of the original five Madoka magical girls. It’s nice to see her, but I didn’t feel the same as I did when Mami came on the screen.

I’m sure next week will offer resolutions and more questions as well, and that it should improve upon episode six. But by this point, I’m starting to wonder—besides as a means to make money, is there a reason Magia Record exists at all?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record can be streamed on Funimation.


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