Madoka Magica Side Story Magia Record, Episode 10: Magia Mami

As the episodes progress, little surprises are dropped each week, but I was not anticipating the one in episode ten. With Alina waiting outside of the Endless Solitude for Iroha and Sana, and having released a witch to contend with both those two girls and the rest of the group, a savior arrives: Mami, whose gun play disrupts the battle. But here we find out a most unusual piece of information: Mami is with the Wings of the Magius.

There’s a massive shift in episode ten in how the viewers are supposed to view the Wings of the Magius. Hitherto seen as hypocritical, violent, and a little crazy, Mami goes a long way in persuading us (and maybe the other girls) that they perhaps have a good intention, as she stops the yandere-like Alina and apologizes to Yachiyo and the others. Mifuyu also arrives, and unlike her appearance before, whether it seemed that she might not be in her right mind, Mifuyu is shown to be more caring and compassionate, the person that Yachiyo seems to have so much affection for. Even the twins don’t seem to crazed, exhibiting fear and then giving during the post-credits scene that establishes their household with Mifuyu as being a mirror image of the one developing at Mikazuki Villa.

Speaking of Yachiyo’s home, Sana has now joined it. She’s the official fifth member of the group now, as episode ten helps to bring some closure to her tale. Not only is the action concluded by Mami’s aggressive stand against one of her own teammates, but Sana also finds a place where she can finally feel comfortable.

I thought it was a nice touch to have Sana go home and see her family continuing to both act as if she doesn’t exist and live in self-congratulatory praise. Sana is shake for a moment, and then again when she exits and sees and hears other names, people who are recognized while she remains invisible. Yet she knows by the girl’s actions, and then through bonding by purchasing a mug of her own to match theirs, that she now has a home.

But her joining the team doesn’t just round it a nice number of five—she drops a second surprising piece of information as the episode ends, saying that there is a member of the Wings of the Magius named Nemu; she shares a name with one of the girls that was hospitalized with Ui. And now we wonder…did Ui become a Magius? Is she someone that Nemu is trying to save, as with Mami with Sayaka and Madoka (who finally appear but ever so briefly)? Or is there something else afoot. I imagine is the last scenario—but we’ll find out more as the series concludes in the next few weeks.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record can be streamed on Funimation.


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