First Impression: Kakushigoto

Kakushigoto looks to be a lighthearted comedy. The title itself is a pun: It’s a story about the “kakushigoto” (i.e., secret) of Kakushi Goto. Kakushi is a mangaka…who usually draws stuff that would qualify as “NSFW.” He lives with his adorable young daughter Hime (his wife / her mother’s fate isn’t stated, but she definitely seems to be out of the picture). And Kakushi absolutely positively does not want his sweet innocent little girl to find out her daddy draws dirty manga for a living. Hilarity ensues. This episode (and presumably the whole show?) is a series of loosely connected vignettes, a melange of mangaka slice-of-life and school slice-of-life.

I enjoyed this episode and plan to watch more of Kakushigoto. The father-daughter relationship central to the story is heartwarming, much of the humor amused me, and the animation was solid. My biggest concern is over just how much Kakushi’s work is going to influence the show’s tone. This episode mostly dealt with the topic tastefully, but it had a scene or two related his work that I found uncomfortable (albeit not nearly bad enough to make me drop the series immediately). But, if future episodes lean heavily into gags inspired by Kakushi’s work, I’ll give up on it.

Kakushigoto is available for streaming on Funimation.


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