Anime March Madness 2020: And the Champion is…

All the votes have been counted for our 2020 Anime March Madness tournament, and we have a champion!

Thank you to everyone who participated this year in the voting. We received nearly 16,000 votes during the tournament, the most we’ve had! Nearly 50 anime were voted on through five rounds (plus one play-in round), and while there were upsets along the way and a few Cinderella series as well, with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood sitting out this year, the final match-up never really seemed to be in doubt, as My Hero Academia went head-to-head with Demon Slayer for bragging rights as this year’s winner. Here are the results:

My Hero Academia def. Demon Slayer, 348 – 249

Perhaps boosted by a new season in 2019 and a successful film, My Hero Academia proved its popularity by defeating upstart Demon Slayer, who had previously obliterated the competition on its way to the finals. MHA secured about 58% of the vote, and the breakdown by platform shows perhaps shows an even more contentious battle than the numbers indicate, with Demon Slayer winning the votes on the Twitter and Anime Pop Heart Instagram accounts, and losing by just three votes here on the blog and 14 on Instagram. It was Facebook where MHA plowed through, almost doubling up Demon Slayer‘s vote total. FB followers have lamented the loss by so many favorites throughout the tourney, but were the ultimate deciders in this battle.

We hope you enjoyed all the madness this past month, and that it brought some levity to your life, both before and during this crisis. We’ll certainly be returning with another tourney next year, so look forward to that! And until then, in the immortal words from our winning anime, Plus Ultra!

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