First Impression: Tamayomi

As children, Yomi would toss a “magic ball” to Tamaki, a curving pitch that the latter wasn’t able to catch. The two agreed that when Yomi mastered it with a hardball, they would play baseball together even as adults. Fast forward to high school, where Yomi has given up the sport. But a chance reunion between Yomi and Tama on their first day of high school reminds the two of their promise and starts a journey. Now, all this budding battery needs is the rest of the team!

The first episode of Tamayomi (the combination of the main character names also means “baseball poem recitation”) is kind of just there, with a few high points but not anything special in adition. The animation is okay, the story is okay, and the characters are okay. In other words, there’s nothing particularly enticing. I do, however, wonder exactly what route this series will take. There’s evidence in episode one that the series is striving for a strong balance of both CGDCT and sports anime, and I could dig that, a best of both worlds kind of scenario when I’m a little burned out with both. And if it feels like it could fill a hole in my watch list as well, as the only two girls sports anime I can remember watching are Bamboo Blade and Taishou Baseball Girls, two series I really enjoyed but watched nearly a decade ago. So I guess I’m in for another episode, and hoping that the cute little battery of Tama and Yomi might hold my interest enough for a season’s worth of baseball, which could come in handy, with our own baseball season on the shelf.

Tamayomi: Baseball Girls can be streamed on Funimation.


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