First Impression: The 8th son? Are you kidding me?

Hello, all you quarantined folks! We here at Isekai Travel Agency wish to help you escape from the ongoing pandemic in our world and all of the stress that comes with it, by taking you to another world! Let’s take a look at the newest package we have to offer, courtesy of The 8th son? Are you kidding me?

This package comes with all of the standard isekai amenities:

  • Medieval Europe-based fantasy world with magic and dangerous beasts!
  • No need to learn another language: everyone inexplicably speaks your native language!
  • Want cheat skills? You will have high magic potential in a world where only one in a thousand people can even use magic, so success in this world is all but guaranteed!
  • Reincarnate as a kid so you have plenty of time to learn about the world and set up your adult life for success!
  • Harem of pretty girls included! (Note: this might take some time to gather together, but we have included a teaser of your future life with these girls to build anticipation.)

Now, if you’re wondering what is it about this isekai package that makes it unique compared to the 8,571 other isekai packages we offer: well, in this one, you will be reincarnated as the 8th son of a poor noble family! Sure, this means you will have some trouble starting out, but with the aforementioned magic potential you will be sure to get the attention of a powerful magician and be able to make a name for yourself. Not only that, but…

*ring* *ring*

…uh, Boss? Is there anything else interesting in this package here? No? Nothing else to differentiate this isekai package from the others? Hold on, let me check the “animation quality” reports… nope, completely average there. So, uh, why are we offering this package again? The host just wants more people to read the light novels? Which aren’t even licensed in English yet? Uh… good for them, I guess? What do you mean, try to sell it as best as I can, even if it’s the most generic isekai package we have ever offered? I know some people are fine with generic stuff and just want yet another escape during these times but… oh, fine.


Ahem… Did I mention we will guarantee a harem of four pretty girls when you grow up in this world?

Anyway, if you are interested in this package, you can apply to travel on Crunchyroll!

6 thoughts on “First Impression: The 8th son? Are you kidding me?

  1. True, Isekai Cheat Magician easily wins the “most generic isekai title” award. This one at least tries to hide it a little? Not that it really matters when the content itself is like this…

    At least Cheat Magician threw a childhood friend into the other world with the protagonist? Not that that helped it much but it’s still more than what this show did…

  2. Well, it’ll help me kill time during the quarantine, so I’ll watch it.
    I liked the part where he found out he was the 8th son, so I think it’ll have at least some comedy to make up for its lack of a good plot.
    It’ll be like watching Isekai Smartphone or Cheat Magician. No, actually, I could mention a lot of isekais like these.

  3. Oh, yeah. But the one isekai I’m really looking forward to is Mushoku (?) Tensei.
    I read the WN version, and I liked it… Although I dislike perverted protagonists.
    Do you think we can expect good things from its adaptation?

  4. I’ve only read two volumes of the LN, but I liked it enough and it seems to be setting up for some good stuff. I believe the adaptation has a good staff and budget behind it, but the question is how many episodes are they planning to run and how they plan to pace out what I hear is a very extensive story. I definitely believe it has good potential; it just remains to be seen whether it can capitalize on it.

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