First Impression: Digimon Adventure: (2020)

Summer in Odaiba—a time for traveling, summer camps, and…a massive cyber attack? Taichi Kamiya and his new friend, Koushiro Izumi, are thrust into a network security assault that throws Tokyo into chaos. As Taichi attempts to help his mother and sister, who have boarded an out-of-control train, he and Koushiro not only discover the reason for the attacks, but an ally as well. Thus begins episode one of Digimon Adventure:, a reboot of the classic series of the same name (minus the colon at the end).

I am, or more accurately was, a huge fan of Digimon Adventure. It’s the only anime with which I was deeply involved in the fandom, though as timed passed, so did my interest, to the point that I never even completed the most recent films. Still, I was eager to see how this reboot turned out, and judging by the first episode, it looks to be in good hands—not a surprise with so many key staff returning. Although it starts with word of summer camp, the series immediately moves in a direction different from the original, one more plot-oriented than the kiddier show. And yet, it retains the spirit of 1999 series (21 years ago!), with character designs that very closely resemble the original (from the same character designer), but updated with more fluid animation, and the all-important heart, the most important focus of the original, remaining and particularly expressed through Taichi and his relationship with Agumon. Although he was the lead character in the original, it seems as if the focus for this series may be even heavier upon him. Fully half of the opening features Taichi, though I should also note that Yamato is the focus of the ED (and makes an appearance in episode one).

I hope that the rest of the Digi-Destined get their due, though even if they don’t, I remain hopeful for good things from the series based on the choices already made. I mentioned the animation—the direction is strong, as there seems to be a real lean toward Mamoru Hosoda’s vision as expressed in the first two parts of the Digimon Movie (later more fully realized in Summer Wars). Episode two even emulates the title of Children’s War Game, (minus “Children’s”). I’m down with anything that’s inspired by Hosoda, so you bet I’m aboard for this. I also like the design of this episode’s boss, a digimon out of a computer age Little Shop of Horrors (Feed me, Taichi!). The love for the franchise is expressed deeply through the care taken and creativity of the staff. This adventure looks to be a win.

Digimon Adventure: can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

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  1. Woohoo! I loved the original series and many (but not all) of the series that followed. This will definitely get me back to finishing up Digimon Tri and then this new series.

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