First Impression: Gleipnir

Shuichi is about to graduate high school, and those his grades are good enough for college, he’s hesitating. Something doesn’t feel right. He doesn’t want to stand out—but the reason behind that is more than youthful indecision. For reasons unknown to him, his sense of smell has increased many-fold, and far more peculiarly, Shuichi is able to transform into a grotesque stuffed dog. At least, it’s a secret he’s been able to hid…until now.

Seinen number three on my watch list for the season is grown up only in the sense of how much fanservice there is. The series doesn’t shy away from it, nor does it play it for laughs—this series is dripping with hormones, and the character of Shuichi, a normally reserved boy, is written with this in mind when paired with the immodest Clair and his smelling ability, which also crossed the line of leading to a fetish. It’s a shame, too, because the intensity of the first episode in almost all aspects (and admittedly, the excessive fanservice fits the show’s tone) makes it compelling, as does the cover image from volume one of the manga, which I think will play out in episode two.

Gleipnir can be streamed on Funimation.

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