The Light Novel Club Selections for May & June 2020!

Are you stuck at home and looking for something to do? Why not read a light novel? We have two more light novels that we will be covering in the next two months, and they are some really good ones, so let’s take a look at what our Light Novel Club will be discussing in May and June!

May 2020: Tearmoon Empire, Vol. 1

Tearmoon Empire volume 1
“…when she was told there was no bread, she laughed and said let them eat meat.”

Have you ever looked at the French Revolution and thought, “You know, Marie Antoinette might have been the typical self-absorbed noblewoman but it’s not like she did anything so terrible to deserve execution”? Have you secretly wished that she could have gone back in time to find some way to avoid the guillotine? Well, we have the perfect light novel for you! And for everyone else, this is definitely a book worth reading as it’s really funny and a lot of fun.

J-Novel Club describes Volume 1 as follows:

Surrounded by the hate-filled gazes of her people, the selfish princess of the fallen Tearmoon Empire, Mia, takes one last look at the bleeding sun before the guillotine blade falls…

Only to wake back up as a twelve-year-old! With time rewound and a second chance at life dropped into her lap, she sets out to right the countless wrongs that plague the ailing Empire. Corrupt governance? Check. Border troubles? Check. Natural calamities and economic strife? Check.

My, seems like a lot of work.

Hard work and Mia don’t mix, so she seeks out the aid of others, starting with her loyal maid, Anne, and the brilliant minister, Ludwig. Together, they strive day and night to restore the Empire. Little by little, their tireless efforts begin to change the course of history, pushing the whole of the continent toward a new future.

And why did the selfish princess have a change of heart, you ask? Simple—she didn’t. She’s just terrified of the guillotine. They hurt like hell, and Mia hates pain more than work.

Lazy, selfish, and a complete coward, the ill-equipped princess of the Tearmoon Empire, armed with memories of her past life and a diary from the future, tries to avoid dying at the guillotine again and changes the very course of history in the process!

You can buy Volume 1 digitally (Amazon / other links). Our discussion will be posted on May 31st.

June 2020: Infinite Dendrogram, Vol. 4

Not to be confused with my (Frank’s) game, which is just trying to predict Amazon rankings of new light novel releases.

Yes, we’re covering Infinite Dendrogram again. Why? Because it’s just that good.

For those who have only watched the recent anime adaptation, now is the perfect time to read the original light novels and see how they compare. But if you haven’t seen the anime… just read the light novels. The anime was basically just one big advertisement for the light novels anyway.

J-Novel Club describes Volume 4 as follows:

The city of duels is suddenly besieged by one of the Dryfe Imperium’s Superiors. Mr. Franklin, the Giga Professor. Both admirably cunning and incorrigibly heinous, the sadistic scientist sets his sights on throwing Gideon into utter Pandemonium. As luck would have it, Ray, Marie, and Rook are caught right in the middle of his malicious machinations. Though outmatched, outnumbered and outsmarted, the knights and Masters of The Kingdom of Altar don’t hesitate to retaliate. They have the spirit, no doubt, but will it be enough to defeat the mastermind of Franklin’s Game?

You can buy Volume 4 digitally (Amazon / other links) or physically through anime-specialty stores like Rightstuf. Our discussion will be posted on June 23rd.

We know these can be trying times, so here’s hoping these books can give you some joy in your life. Happy reading!



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