Beneath the TikTok? Follows us on our newest social media account!

At Beneath the Tangles, we’re always looking for interesting ways to engage our readers and subscribers. Some folks like to read our articles here on the blog. Others enjoy our Instagram screencaps. And some of you love TikTok.

That’s right, we’re now on TikTok! I’m excited to see how this account grows and engages our followers in a wholly unique way to us. We are still focused on anime content, and will be using this platform to present that in a way that you haven’t seen us do before guided by a new admin, Nana, and featuring a few other team members from time to time. I think it’ll be a fun experience for those of you who don’t currently use TikTok—a great starting point—and something unique for those who already do.

Please subscribe to our account and check out our videos—I promise we have way more on the way as we implement our plans for the most 2020 type of platform.

Beneath the Tangles / TikTok

Featured illustration by 賀茂川 (reprinted w/permission)


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