My Light Novel Tier List! (May 2020 Edition)

As the leader of the Light Novel Club and an avid light novel reader, I naturally have to face the question: just how much do I like the novels I’ve read? And to answer that question, why not do the hottest thing on the Internet for ranking how much you like stuff: a tier list?

So I found an up-to-date tier list maker for light novels released in English, and rather than just fill it out normally, I decided to livestream myself as I filled it out. Here’s the video of my live ranking of all the light novels I’ve read (and yes, that means you get to hear my voice):

Watch Making a Light Novel Tier List! from stardf29 on

And if this video is a “too long; didn’t watch” for you, here’s the final tier list image. Each tier has a sub-tier for titles that I’ve only read one volume of since I’m generally not quite as sure about how much I like a title until I’ve read at least two volumes. (Exceptions are for titles that only ever had one volume released in English with no plans for more volumes.) Also, I pretty much like everything on this list aside from the “dropped” list, and even the titles in the “dropped” list aren’t necessarily bad; some of them I think are actually quite good, and I just didn’t feel like continuing with them for one reason or another.

Because letter grades are so last decade.

If you’re wondering about why I ranked a particular title where I did and don’t feel like going through the video for my explanation, leave a comment and I’ll give my reasoning.

And if you want to make your own light novel tier list, you can do so here!

(Oh, and yes, I do now have a Twitch channel where I stream myself playing video games! Currently, I’m going through Persona 5 The Royal, with plans for other games to be added to the rotation, so follow me if you’re interested. I stream on Wednesdays and Sundays at 9pm ET.)

3 thoughts on “My Light Novel Tier List! (May 2020 Edition)

  1. So apparently, I completely forgot about That Time I Reincarnated as a Slime. Or more specifically, I missed it as I was looking over the covers for LNs I’ve read (it doesn’t exactly have the most recognizable covers).

    I watched the anime for this one first and really liked it, and have read just one volume of the light novel. I’d probably put it in the Knight-in-Training tier, between Otome Gamer and Secretary. I actually prefer how the anime adapted this volume (for spoiler reasons), but overall the novel was enjoyable just like the anime.

      1. I definitely would like to do an update next year. It is dependent, though, on the actual tier list maker being updated by its creator with newly-licensed LNs.

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