Caitlin Glass Reviews the Opening Episodes of Haikyuu!

A few weeks ago, Caitlin Glass, voice actress for Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist) and ADR director of Fruits Basket, among other anime, asked our readers and her followers which anime she should watch and review, and the winner came back in a resounding fashion: Haikyuu! The story of the volleyball boys on Karasuno will continue soon, but Caitlin is just starting! She and I sat down recently to talk about her impressions from the first five episodes of the series as she begins her watch through. Last week, we posted a little preview of our full conversation as Caitlin talked about the series in relation to the world of dubbing she knows so well, and then yesterday, we posted part two, a lengthier talk about the opening episodes, particularly the story and characters.

Check out the videos below, and please follow our YouTube channel for more conversations with Caitlin as we move through the show and other videos as well!


If you have a question that you’d like Caitlin to answer as she watches Haikyuu, or if there’s something particular, like an arc or set of episodes, that you should she should look for, please let her know in the comments below or through her Twitter.


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