Manga First Impression: Magu-chan: God of Destruction

Magu-chan: God of Destruction, a new Shonen Jump series from Kei Kamiki, begins in a medieval fantasy world where an ancient god of destruction, the monster Magu Menueku, is attacking humanity. The ancient warriors and wizards imprison the creature in a crystal and hide it away, hoping to never deal with it again…

Enter Ruru Miyanagi. She’s a middle school student combing the beach. Kind of literally. While doing so, she runs across a random crystal and is really hoping to make a quick buck from it, but it’s cracked. And what comes out of the crack? Magu Menueku. However, the god of destruction is not in it’s original form, but rather smaller, weaker, and kind of adorable.

The rest of this first chapter involves this kawaii god of destruction trying to adapt to its tiny form and dealing with the tween girl it’s living with. Ruru is a relatively normal kid who’s living alone and just isn’t going to take any guff from the creature she has dubbed Magu-chan.

Magu just can’t believe that a lowly human would speak to them in such a way.

This is where the humor comes in.

Egotistical former god of destruction trapped in a teeny-tiny form unable to do…anything it wants while dealing with a lonely, sassy tween who just wants to live her life. The first chapter sets up a fun relationship between the two and they play off one another very well. This may be one of my favorite introductions to a new series I’ve seen in a while. It’s all very silly, and I am looking forward to more next week!

You can read Magu-chan: God of Destruction at Shonen Jump. The most current chapters are always free.


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