First Impression: Deca-Dence, Version 2.0, Now with Less Enthusiasm!

If you want an exuberant perspective on the latest anime premiered at Funi-Con, TWWK has you covered. And now I’m here. Our perspectives may differ slightly. Or, you know, be totally completely different. We report, you decide, dear readers.

Deca-Dence appears to be another post-apocalyptic sci-fi anime. The world was overrun by mysterious monsters called Gadoll, and now the last remnants of humanity survive in a giant city-sized mecha-tank powered by monster blood (the eponymous Deca-Dence). The lead character seems to be Natsume, a young girl who wanted to be a soldier, but got rejected due to her prosthetic arm and wound up as a janitor. The other prominent character is probably Kaburagi, Natsume’s dour, cynical boss. I say “appears,” “seems,” and “probably” because the end of the episode implied that things are not what they seem to be, that there’s some kind of twist to what’s been presented. Consequently, I’m not really sure how much of the first episode I can believe.

So, it’s another version of the genki girl and grumpy older man duo. Natsume is an adequate representation of her archetype, but Kaburagi lacks personality, at least in this episode. None of the other characters made any impression on me. The setting and visuals brought to mind Darling in the Franxx, though the fighting was closer to Boba Fett vs. Moby Dick than to giant robot battles. I will almost certainly watch at least one more episode of Deca-Dence, just to see where it seems to be going. It might be good, it might not. It’s probably worth trying if it piques your curiosity.


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