First Impression: By the Grace of the Gods (Anime)

This first impression comes courtesy of the early premiere of the first episode at FunimationCon.

One day, after overworked salaryman Ryoma Takebayashi meets an untimely end via head injury, he finds himself in the company of three gods from another world, who quickly arrange for him to be transferred over there, in the body of a young boy. Now with all the time in the world, he sets about taming and researching slimes, and after three years, he has a large number of slimes in different varieties. However, the now-eleven-years-old Ryoma soon finds his solitary lifestyle coming to an end, when he meets up with a traveling duke and his companions, one of whom is badly injured…

By the Grace of the Gods is currently one of my favorite light novels, though that doesn’t mean I’m particularly excited for this anime, as anime adaptations of light novels don’t exactly have the best track record. Still, I find them to at least be a decent revisit of the story, and as far as this one goes, it’s not bad. The highlights for me are probably the slimes themselves, which are strangely adorable with their face-like cores and very bouncy animation. Overall, though, the animation isn’t much to speak of, with many scenes just being cuts to different characters’ faces as they’re talking; it’s definitely not a high-budget production. The story itself is pretty simple and laid-back like the light novel; those looking for some kind of thrilling adventure should probably look elsewhere. But if you’re in the mood for a very chill isekai about a guy learning to enjoy life, this one might be worth watching when it officially airs.

By the Grace of the Gods will stream on Funimation this fall. The original light novels are being published by J-Novel Club.

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