The TangleCast Returns in September!

Here in the U.S., summer is a time to rest and recharge, an idea built into us from youth and which remains throughout adulthood. And so it is with the TangleCast, which is on a short break during this summer. But there’s a difference this year, as our podcast team is hard at work behind the scenes, and when the return in September, you’ll see a number of changes to the TangleCast!

  • Monthly episodes and video: If you noticed in our last episode, we posted a video a couple weeks later to go with it. It was a fun piece, and I hope you enjoyed it! This is going to be our format moving forward, with just one episode a month (instead of the two we’ve been doing as of late) and one video piece highlighting a portion of that episode (or airing unused footage, as was the case last time). I think you’ll enjoy the video component! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel now so that you’ll be ready when the video pieces land!
  • Revamped content: There’s going to be more focus on what our group does best, and also on making sure you get to know all three members better. I think you’ll enjoy the pivot we’ll be making.
  • More engagement: We’ve been hard at work thinking about how you get can more involved in the podcast, and we a great idea. We’ll be rolling out this new strategy next month, while taking out some of the pieces of our current iteration that just didn’t work.

More fun stuff coming, like the video above!

In the meantime, we hope you’ll subscribe to us on whatever platform you use, like iTunes, Spotify, or SoundCloud, maybe listen to a past episode, and GET EXCITED for September!

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