Vote on a Hiroshima-themed Anime for our Double Feature Live Tweet

You may noticed an extra kick of personality lately on our Twitter account. That’s because Joshua Knighten has joined our team and among other things, is assisting with Twitter in the only way he knows how—being himself! And among the ideas he’s bringing to Twitter are live tweets. This Sunday evening (8/9) at 10:00 ET, he’ll start live tweeting a double feature. Playing off the idea that My Neighbor Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies premiered that way back in 1988, and the latter commemorates the bombing of Hiroshima, which happened 75 years ago today, he decided to live tweet Totoro and…well, he’s leaving the second choice to you, with three different options based around the terrible events that played out so many years ago as WWII neared its end:

Please vote above. You can also vote on Twitter and the Facebook—the latter has an event that you can sign up for as well that will remind you when the live tweet is about to start!

Come join us as we have a little fun, take part in an important remembrance, and celebrate some of the greatest anime films ever made!

Featured illustration by snatti (Instagram / deviantArt / Pixiv) and reprinted w/permission

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