Join Us This Saturday for a Toradora Watch Party!

I’m happy to announce that we’ll be having our first ever watch party this coming Saturday, August 15th on Amazon Prime, as we dive into the first two episodes of the beloved romantic comedy (dramedy?), Toradora! If you’ve never watched the show, this is a great opportunity to start! Just this morning, I ranked it number three on my all-time fav list, Yes, it’s that good. Those of you who know, know—and if you know, you should come revisit the show with us!

I’m also excited about who you’ll be watching with. Chickennuggee, who normally does development work for us (which sometimes means creating content like this fun interview with Peter of the TangleCast), will be making this a weekly occurrence. She’s just the right person for it—if you look at the banner above, you’ll see her in Taiga cosplay. Yep, she’s a Taiga superfan!

To be able to watch with Chickennuggee, you’ll need to have an Amazon Prime account. You’ll also need to keep your eyes open for the link when it posts shortly before the watch party. To keep track of that, I encourage you to follow our Twitter account or Instagram. You can also be part of the Facebook event we set up for this first viewing:

Before you begin, we encourage you to check out the first two posts (episode 1 / episode 2) by moyatori and our own negativeprimes in their collaborative look at Toradora. The series works as a great primer or an excellent review after watching.

We can’t wait to see you there!



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