Oregairu Season 3 (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU CLIMAX), Episode 7: Yahallo, We’ll Use Our Gadget-o

We get a little break from all the heaviness of season three with a mostly-carefree, funny episode of Oregairu. There are three major scenes in the episode, and they all involve Hikki and Yui trying to explain something to someone (or someones), to varying degrees of success, starting with the two members of the school’s Gaming Club (How does the Gaming Club have fewer members than the Service Club? That’s hilarious! [Note: You may see me fall into Orimoto mode during this episode, er, article]). Hikki tells his plan to them, but even though he’s grown a bunch, he still has trouble explaining his ideas and thought process, but Yui is there to help, and not just via her words; the cuteness which Hikki now accepts as a part of their friendship is very important in getting the two on board. I mean, can you blame them, especially Sagami, when the girl he sees most his is horrible (misunderstood?) sister?

Just a bit of Yui reels them in hook, line, and sinker.

The Kaihin Sogo Student Council, however, is a bit harder to convince. As part of their plan to create a plausible prom proposal that won’t be accepted, Hikki throws out the idea of a collaboration, and Yui mentions the most obvious partner. Tamanawa hasn’t let up on his hissy fit, however, as he’s still jealous of Hikki and his sway over Orimoto.

Their meeting then leads, of course, to an EPIC RAP BATTLE.

Yessssss! Love it, love it, love it. Satoshi Hino, who voices Tamanawa (and Daichi from Haikyuu, I found out, as well), is actually really good. In next episode’s preview, Hikki call his rhymes, “sick,” and indeed they are (Tell em!).

In fact, Tamanawa gets the upper hand with their rhymes and in their proposal meeting, but not in their “fight” for Orimoto. Hikki has grown past his attraction for her, to the point that he’s presenting excuses to not give her his personal contact info, while Tamanawa still can’t get anywhere (Hilarious!). Yikes, as if Yui didn’t have enough girls to worry about.

The fun is balanced out a bit by the final scene in the episode, however, with our trio all running into each other. Hikki and Yui have a short conversation while having coffee, before Yui happens upon them and with all her pent-up emotion, confronts Yukino, challenging her, in a way, to be honest with her feelings and “wish,” while also hugging her tightly and reaffirming how much she means to her, and how they’ll return to being the best of friends no matter the outcome.

Oregairu employs an interesting device throughout it’s run, particularly on display in this scene. The show wants its viewers confused. They want us to wonder what’s really going on inside everyone’s minds, particular when it comes to their romantic feelings toward one another. To keep this from wearing thin, Hikki, Yui, and Yukinon are characterized as being unable to put their own feelings into words. So they’re as confused as we are. It’s an interesting concept, and though it makes for lots of “What?” moments, it also helps us have well-rounded characters with flaws beyond the typical ones of “jealous love interest” and “half-witted protagonist” (Preach!). All this is coming to boil now as the characters begin to understand, interpret, and reveal, starting with Yui, but also progressively with Yukino.

That doesn’t mean the confusion is over yet, however. What are the girls’ wishes? Does Yukino really know what Yui’s is? And what does Hikki think of everything?

There’s plenty to still dig through in the remaining half-dozen episodes of the series.

Episode Notes

  • And the MVP of episode 7 is…the girls! Hatano and Sagami are essential for Hikki’s plan to have success, since they bring the required technical skills, but they’re convinced in turn by hearing about what Iroha is really like, seeing Yui’s charms, and even by the elder Sagami, whose desire to live a full life and mess everything up by doing so convinces her brother to join immediately in the plan. Oh, and I guess Hikki gets some due as well for having such strong relationships with the girls around him (Sagami excluded).
  • It was a double assault this week, by the way—Gaming Club and Kaihin Sogo Student Council? Too much, too much. We should have a MTG about this.
  • The rapping was awesome.
  • MAXIS Coffee continuing to appear (and play an important role) in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE:

  • Irohas gets some play, too, even if she’s not in this episode:

  • But my favorite single part of this episode? Hikki continuing to acknowledge Ziamokuza. The bro love is so strong. ;_;

Season three of Oregairu (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU CLIMAX) can be streamed on Crunchyroll.


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