The TangleCast Returns on September 22nd with a Coffee Shop Feel

We announced previously that while on summer break, the Tanglecast team, including our amazing editors, are actually hard at work revamping the podcast. Today, David has an announcement describing the changes the group is instituting for their return, now set for September 22nd.

We think these changes are going to positively impact your listening, and we’re really excited about them! Be sure to keep following our social media sites, especially Twitter and Instagram, as we engage you leading up to episodes. And don’t forget to subscribe to the TangleCast on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, or wherever you listen to podcasts and music.

By the way, this video went up early on YouTube and also on our Patreon account, where we post unique content and some pieces, lfirst before they go up on our other platforms. Starting soon, we’ll be doing that with occasional Beneath the Tangles articles. We highly encourage you to follow us there, and if you want to support the work of our ministry, to consider contributing as well!

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