Oregairu Season 3 (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU CLIMAX), Episode 12: This is Goodbye, Then

Ahh…what a lovely way to end such a wonderful series.

Many of you know that Oregairu is my favorite anime series, and though I’ve sometimes been critical of this season’s progression (and that in the light novels), I still love what was transpiring, and particularly this final episode—I would say one of the best last episodes of a multi-season anime. And so instead of delving in too deeply in this episode, I just want to celebrate it.

The beginning was a perfect transition from the episode eleven. Yukinon and Hikki are looking for a place to have prom #2, and their search involves a beach area—a perfect working date!

In the between all the flirting (squee!), the two identify a great spot for the party. More of a beach park, the venue will work well for what they’re planning. They don’t even really need to envision it much—a wedding ceremony being held in the location gives them all the vision they need (and leads Hikki to confuse Yukino’s decision with one of their future wedding rather than the party at hand).

Afterwards, the two sit and have a super cute exchange involving their first voluntary selfie (remember Yui’s forced one?) together.

Selfie 1 (cute overload)
Selfie 2 with Hachiman fixing his eyes

Here’s the entire scene. It’s super cute and filled with boba:

If that scene put a huge grin on my face, the one that moved me most—what got those tear ducts starting to work a bit—was the following scene where Yukino and Hikki call all their friends in. With two notable exceptions, one being Rumi who, as an elementary schooler, has been all but forgotten this season, the major characters all show:

Of course, the other character conspicuously missing is Yui. But she shows up at the last minute, running into the room. Ah, my heart!

Pretty much everyone agrees to help with the beach prom, even Hayato, and then we get a couple more shots of the crew. It’s pretty much required to include these multi-character shots in final episodes, which are celebrations of the shows themselves. There’s creativity here in how the shots are included, however, with a sauna (once again, this scenes isn’t as long as I would have liked it to be, but I’m glad we got it!) scene featuring the boys and then a few precious seconds with the four most major characters, with each walking off according to importance: Iroha, Yui, and then Yukino together in hand with Hikki.

Totsuka’s towel! 😀
Ugh, I wish they would honorifics. SENPAI, you’re late!

Again, being a final episode, you get some fanservice—in this episode, it comes in the form of character dynamics, particularly with two characters that shouldn’t get along get considerable time together in Komachi (more fanservice at the end of the episode in school with the crew and in her uniform!) and Iroha. They both get along well and don’t get along at all, and it’s just about perfect because as I mentioned before, Iroha is a girly, popular version of Hikki, and the snarky relationship that Komachi is already developing with her is similar to that with her brother, including calling her new “onee-chan” out.

Gimme a spin-off with these, too: Komachi and Irohasu, Private Detectives.

Following Hiratsuka’s goodbye after the prom event, which is almost an afterthought in how quickly it’s conveyed both in the series and light novel, a proper confession finally takes place: Yukinon again confessing to Hikki. This didn’t pull at my heartstrings like it maybe should have, but I like this scene because it’s a bookend to Yukino’s growth arc. While Hikki tells Hiratsuka-sensei that the two will surely continue to grow over the years and aren’t in some sort of conclusive place right now, they have “concluded” a major period of growth in their lives, with Yukinon’s involving leading efforts during the first prom and her new relationship with Hikki. “I love you” ends that arc properly.

Yui, who’s been hurt all season long, gets her own proper ending as well. With Iroha teasing her earlier in the episode about how she can continue to try to win Hikki, she chooses a different route. All along, while she’s harbored love for Hikki, her relationship with Yukino has been most important, and it’s that which she’s been worried about irreversibly damaging all along. But after a period of pain, Yui is able to give her own confession, in a sense, telling Yukinon in front of Hikki (as well as Komachi and Iroha) that she does like him, but wants her friendship with Yukinon to go on forever (Hikki will be included, of course, if he remains in a relationship with her). And so, as the episode ends, she receives a consultation toward that end with Yukinon, as the Service Club begins anew, including a new member (Komachi) and approved by the Student Council (Iroha).

What a lovely way to end.



  • Final MVP? Yui cause that girl suffered so much this season and then came back after all that. What a wonderful arc for the the #2 girl.
  • At first I thought MAXIS COFFEE might not show up, getting swapped out for Monsters…

  • But then it did!

  • Hayato also showed up for one more diss.

  • Look, I love the scene where Iroha is telling Yui she should let a drunken Hikki take advantage of her, but I get that it’s problematic. However, it’s just SO Iroha haha, which partly means it’s more of her expressing what she wants Hikki to do (which Komachi catches btw).
  • Also, this isn’t quite the end. It’s already been announced that a bonus story will accompany the BD release, though whether that also means an OVA is apparently yet to be determined.

5 thoughts on “Oregairu Season 3 (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU CLIMAX), Episode 12: This is Goodbye, Then

  1. We know the end has already begun, and we’ll surely nevert forget this season.
    I started Oregairu with the LN last march and it has become my favourite series.

    -Hachiman’s narcissistic, self-deprecating view of himself which always resulted in self-sacrifice (with the wrong motivation) as his solution to many problems.
    -Yui’s selfishness to cling desperately to an impossible reality, trying to do whatever’s necessary for her own will to be fulfilled, even if it means affecting other people’s.
    -Haruno’s regret over her past decisions which made her crave for a different ending, a correct alternative in which there are no lies.

    I was able to see myself in these three and also share the exact same struggles and so I followed them to see how they would change and ultimately, how they would change me. I’m grateful that I was able to find all the answers in Jesus.

    As communication is a key part in Oregairu, Hachiman’s belief where words can’t truly make people fully understand you, whereas staying silent and hoping that people will understand was just an illusion, made sense for me at one point as I often have misunderstandings because I’m not that good with speech. But to search for something genuine was to allow yourself to be vulnerable to all kinds of misunderstandings and hurt.
    Jesus, the human which was the most human of all, had many people that didn’t understand him, but he never stopped there.
    It’s also amazing that God fully understood every man, even before man was born.

    Oregairu has a special place in my heart and I’m really thankful to Wataru Watari for creating this series, it truly changed me and opened my eyes.

    Thank you for your time reading this and I’ll end this with one last… Yahallo!

    1. Same for me here, I watched this anime because I was really curious about what answers these characters would find, how would they change and how would their story change me. I watched both the 1st and 2nd season when they came out, at the time I wasn’t a Christian yet, but Hachiman’s “something genuine” speech really made me desire something genuine as well. In these years I tried to find the answer to that desire in many different things and relationships, but I always felt empty inside. This is until I found Jesus Christ and the Church, only then I realized that what I really wanted was a love like no other, the Love that only the real God can give, and only after discovering and accepting His Love and forgiveness I really realized how I could love other people around me in a “genuine” way and form healthy relationships. My life was very much changed when this last season started and it was really satisfying to see the three guys have their own happy ending and grow up. I don’t know if I would have taken my life and relationships seriously enough to really give Christianity a chance if I hadn’t heard Hachiman deliver that “something genuine” speech, so I firmly believe that God used this show to bring me to Him, and I am infinitely thankful for this.

      I pray for all Oregairu fans to realize how Jesus is the key to that real love we all want, and that all our relationships, be them with Jesus, our friends, family or significant other, can really be “genuine”. Thanks Wataru Watari and all the anime staff for giving us this masterpiece, I’ll pray for you all as well even if probably not many of you are Christians, I’m sure God has a plan for you as well (and if you wrote something like Oregairu I’m sure you’re already not that far from Him).

      And ultimately thanks TWWK for the really nice episode analyses, I enjoyed reading through them, and I’ll pray for you as well!

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