First Impression: Burn The Witch

Burn the Witch, a short movie released by Crunchyroll as three episodes (this post covers episode one), starts out with two girls in uniform, flying on some kind of dragon-like broomstick, while fighting a dragon. They get into a squabble over whose kill it was, and then we get an introduction into the world and premise of the story. The setting is London, with one side called Front London and the other Reverse London. Front is the normal world people live in, while Reverse London looks similar but is inhabited by dragons who cause over 70% of human death in London.

There is a group called Wing Bind that keeps a watchful eye on London to stop dragons from causing destruction in the city. If they do, the witches in this group cast magic spells that are shot through a special gun-type weapon to kill or at least stun them before they continue.

The animation looks very well done, and it certainly has a similar character design as the anime it’s based in. As a movie, It definitely is an upgrade though, and it employed angles that are usually seen in other movies or in OVAs. I personally enjoyed it and am looking forward to more. The story gave me enough to understand what was going on, yet left plenty of mystery, making me eager to see what happens next. I love it when anime does that, so I am intrigued enough to keep watching.

As a Bleach fan (yes, we exist), I was looking forward to watching Burn The Witch when I saw that it was also developed by Tite Kubo, the same mangaka. I read that it’s connected somehow to Bleach but I’m not sure how yet. I hope it is, as I would like to see more of that universe fleshed out.

Let’s see what episode two holds, but from what I’ve seen and how Crunchyroll has been hyping this one, I would assume there will be more than three episodes. If you watched it, let me know in the comments what you thought about it!

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3 thoughts on “First Impression: Burn The Witch

  1. Having finished 2 of the 3 episodes I am intrigued about the setting and the world that was created in this series and the animation was excellent. But, other then that, I found the story and characters just bland and boring and tossing in some tired anime clichés just made me roll my eyes and move on. Also I felt like things were being left out, and some comments I saw mentioned a lot of things are explained in the manga, which just annoys me more because I don’t want to have to buy another product and do that first before I can enjoy this. So for me it has good bones, but what they built on it for the anime is just so hollow. (sorry, had to make the pun)

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