First Impression: Rail Romanesque

Rail Romanesque is a short form period piece that is supposedly set in the 1980s. Supposedly.

But this is in an alternate version of Japan where rail is the primary mode of transportation and all rail lines are controlled by Raillords that are living, female embodiments of the trains. The first episode introduces a group of Raillords from across this fictionalized version of Japan who are working together for an important mission: Making merch.

No. Really.

That was the whole episode.

I feel like I would appreciate this show more if I had literally any understanding of the visual novel, Maitetsu: Pure Station, that is is based on. Oh well. It’s silly nonsense about living embodiments of trains. And it’s less than 5 minutes a week. I think I can manage a few more episodes to see if I get a better feel for the characters and decide if I want to keep going.

Rail Romanesque can be watched at Crunchyroll


2 thoughts on “First Impression: Rail Romanesque

  1. Having read some of the Maitetsu visual novel… I’m actually almost as lost as you are. The only characters from the VN that are in the episode are Hachiroku and Reina, the Railords who invited the others and were mentioned to be unable to attend the actual meeting, so… I think this is basically just a spin-off with a largely separate cast of characters.

    Anyway it was fine but I’d rather just read more of the visual novel.

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