25 Light Novel Club Sessions!

Later this month, volume two of Tearmoon Empire will be the subject of our 25th BtT Light Novel Club Meeting. Can you believe we’ve conducted that many sessions? We’ve come a long way and featured a number of different members in our club, and have now even come to the point where our discussions are open to the public through our Discord (come join us and start participating in Tearmoon Empire Vol. 2 discussion beginning October 23rd!).

Our first post was back in March of 2018, when we announced the club’s first novel, Spice and Wolf Vol. 1, followed by the first actual session on April 6, 2018. Take a gander at the wide variety of novels we’ve covered in the 2+ years of the club:

And our passion for light novels hasn’t waned at all! As more and more are licensed, and many receive anime adaptations, our excitement continues to grow. We’ve even already announced our 26th selection, The Saint’s Magic is Omnipotent, Vol. 1, and encourage you to pick up that title as we’ll start discussion a bit early, beginning on November 14th, because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

So thank you all for allowing us to indulge in this obsession, and if you aren’t already, please consider becoming part of the club yourself!

If you’d like to look back on what we’ve covered, here’s the full list of club meetings and associated posts:

Additional comments from stardf29, the light novel club reader

I would like to extend a special thanks to all the people who work to bring over these light novels from Japan and translate them into English so we can read them.

First of all, the English publishers/licensors. As you can see, we have covered several titles from each of the three major English light novel publishers: Yen Press, J-Novel Club, and Seven Seas Entertainment. We even covered one title from Cross Infinite World, a publisher that is more niche but still very important to the light novel industry. As the light novel fandom grows, more publishers are licensing light novels and we may very well cover their titles in the future.

And, of course, we cannot forget the translators, editors, and QA checkers who work on these novels. Their work is so important and they really do deserve all the credit they can get.

As a final note, as you might have noticed, the Light Novel Club has lately been alternating between covering the first volume of a new series and covering the next volume of a series we covered before. Naturally, we would love to hear from you if you want us to start a series we haven’t covered yet, or if you want us to continue covering any of the above series. So drop by the Discord and leave a suggestion, or leave a comment below on what novels you want us to talk about!


4 thoughts on “25 Light Novel Club Sessions!

  1. Cool that you’re having discussions about light novel! Just take care in properly administrating the discord server, especially if there’s underage or very young users, as I’ve heard awful stuff about groomers on the platform. Maybe warn clearly all the users with a sticky or something about never 100% trusting anyone who writes them in PM, no matter how friendly they may seem, and to feel free about reporting to the admins if there’s any situation that troubles them.

    Sorry if I’m annoying you with this, but if you read the news it’s full of awful stories when it comes to online groups, and I think that as Christians it’s our duty to be aware of the risks that the internet has, and to protect those who might be more subject to them.

    I’ll pray for you guys and for all your projects to only produce good results, I love your contents!

    1. It’s hard to imagine that when I started, I was just basically blogging about a few series I liked from past years and some pieces of anime news. Now we do so much more! :O

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