Help Us Say Goodbye to Our TangleCast Crew

For more than two years, David, Peter, and Holly have graced your mobile devices and car speakers with their discussions about anime, faith, and life, but as 2020 ends, so, too, will this iteration of the TangleCast. On December 29th, the final episode featuring the group—originally recording as Team FtK (and along with a fourth critical member, editor Celotron, and additional volunteer help from our friend, Chris)—will air.

While we’re sad to bid these folks goodbye (David is heading in new directions, which I’m sure he’ll mention on the podcast, while Peter and Holly will remain part of the ministry), we’re mostly just thankful for all their service—countless hours of planning, including sometimes watching many episodes of series that they might not even enjoy (!), drafting scripts and meeting to prepare, and all the many hours of editing to make the final product as smooth as possible. The first episode of their version of the TangleCast was episode 38, coveringMy Hero Academia and airing on November 6th, 2018. Their final episode will be #84, and, subtracting a number of episodes contributed by others during that span, means that the group recorded 33 episodes of the podcast.

I’m stunned, and again, so thankful.

And in that spirit, I want to invite any of you who listened to the podcast and would like to also say thank you to go ahead and leave a comment below. I’ll make sure they’ll see them.

Let’s bid the group goodbye in a spirit of thankfulness for their service!

2 thoughts on “Help Us Say Goodbye to Our TangleCast Crew

  1. I am so sad (selfishly) for this development, but also so excited for the (hopefully) good things going on in this transition too!! Unsure exactly what to type transparently…but, thankful to the Father for you three David, Peter and Holly (and everyone else with BTT as well!).
    Thank you for the fun games, questions posed, deeper thinking cultivated, and exploring timeless truths of God’s Word that are brought out through mediums of entertainment like anime, and how it connects to Jesus the Messiah.. And, of course, terribly corny jokes! Lol.
    Will miss hearing all of you on the Tanglecast, but excited for what the future holds for you guys. Praying for each of you, and please do share any ways we can be praying for you all (not seeking to pry into personal things).

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