12 Days of Christmas Anime, Day 1: Asteroid in Love

[The LORD] determines the number of the stars;
He gives to all of them their names.
– Psalm 147:4, ESV

When the psalmist wrote this verse a couple millenia ago, they probably had no idea how many stars there really were in the sky. Of course, they saw a lot of them, way more than enough for this verse to have plenty of meaning. But now we know that the stars we can see with our naked eyes, compared to the total number of stars there likely are in the universe, are like a single grain of sand out of all the beaches in the world. Nowadays, thanks to the advancement of science, we can not only find a lot more stars and other astronomical objects in space, but we also make an effort to name anything we find, and keep track of all of them on computer systems.

In fact, we are not only naming stars, but also asteroids, and that is the subject of Asteroid in Love, a cute-girls-doing-cute-things anime that aired earlier in the year. Our protagonists, Mira and Ao, want to fulfill a childhood promise to name an asteroid after Ao, but upon trying to sign up for their high school’s astronomy club, they find that due to lack of members, they had to be combined with the similarly-short-on-members geology club to form the Earth Sciences Club. Under such a situation, it might have been easy for the astronomy girls to focus on their own thing and for the geology girls to do likewise. However, the club decides to go all in on both earth and sky, and make efforts to learn about each other’s fields.

This brings us to the Christmas episode, which is Episode 8. A lot happens in this episode, and only one-third of it actually happens in Christmas; in fact, the Christmas segment is arguably the least notable one, especially compared to the final segment that throws in a bit of a plot twist. But that is getting ahead of ourselves; we have a Christmas to celebrate first. The main highlight of the Christmas episode is a stargazing session. By this point the club has done a number of these already, so by that point even the more geology-focused girls have a good understanding of the stars in the sky. One of those girls, Sakura, even remarks on how odd it is that she is now also interested in the stars as well as the earth.

As a side note, “scales falling from my eyes”, even with its Biblical origins, is a common Japanese phrase.

So why care about the stars or asteroids at all? Why put so much effort into discovering and naming things that are likely never going to have a practical impact on people’s lives? In light of the verse I posted at the beginning, I think the answer is quite clear for Christians: the stars and everything in space is every bit a part of God’s creation as everything on Earth. And if God cares so much about the stars that He names all of them, then as those made in God’s image, we only further reflect Him and His glory by showing the same interest in naming stars and asteroids.

In showing the glory of God through His creation, Christians should be science’s biggest supporters, whether that be in astronomy, geology, or any other field of scientific discovery. This is why I like Asteroid in Love a lot: it is just full of love for the sciences and in learning about the universe we live in. Sometimes, we just need to revel in the sheer glory of God through His creation, and share that with the people around us.

Asteroid in Love can be streamed subbed from Crunchyroll or subbed and dubbed from Funimation.


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