First Impression: Heaven’s Design Team

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. Then He created the animals. Or so it was supposed to go, but it got too tedious so He outsourced it. That’s literally the introduction to the first episode of Heaven’s Design Team. Shimoda, a new angel assigned to said team, will be the go between for the animal designers and God. It is explained to him that there are just too many animals planned on Earth for God to do it all, so he hired a team of angel consultants to do some of the work for him. They’re role is thus to do the work and ready it for their client, God.

The first episode starts with the need to create a creature that can eat leaves that are very high up on the top of trees. One of them is the one who created the horse, so he always recommends horse-esque creatures including a pegasus. Each of the designers have their own unique style which makes it interesting. And silly. After coming up with an animal design, they run it through a heavenly engineer who works out the kinks and does a test run with the animals. The episode then goes on to explain why some animals are unrealistic and why certain animals just…work the way they’re designed, as well as provides some educational information about the species of animal discussed.

Literally the moment I read the synopsis, I was sold on this series. Sure, it’s a bit much, but it’s silly, educational, and fun. Honestly, I could go for a relatively benign series that’s mostly silly fun. Let’s enjoy some edutainment!

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2 thoughts on “First Impression: Heaven’s Design Team

  1. Been a while since I have had a straight comedy series on my watching list, so far from the first episode this one had me dying. Plus the little trivia facts between animal designs are fun too. First time in a while I had to stop and google something to see if it was legit.

    One tidbit I noticed about the series is that the two angel characters have some kind of feathery edge to their clothes (the woman’s lapel, the man’s collar), which for some reason is just a fun detail to me.

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