AniMarch Madness 2021: Final Four (Match One)

Forty-six matches later, we’re finally down to the final four!

Welcome to week four of AniMarch Madness! The quarterfinals held few surprises, with all three number one seeds that made it in coming out as well. The closest match featured last year’s runner-up and seven-seeded Demon Slayer (seeded so low because of it’s difficulties in the play-in round) defeating fifth seed Naruto Shippuden, which had its strongest showing in this tournament ever.

Here are some other interesting notes about the tournament:

  • We’ve recorded more than 14,000 votes so far. Keep those votes coming!
  • This if the fifth time Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has participated. It’s won the previous four.
  • FMAB did NOT participate last year, when My Hero Academia won. MHA was eliminated during round two by Naruto Shippuden.
  • Naruto Shippuden has more total votes in the tourney than Demon Slayer, against which, again, it lost this past round.
  • FMAB has recorded 814 votes so far. That’s not the most, though. Attack on Titan has received 933 votes so far.
  • Your Lie in April has 727 votes, less than FMAB but more than Demon Slayer.

Here’s how the bracket now looks now in the semifinals:

Today features the first of this week’s matches, Attack on Titan vs. Demon Slayer. Come back on Wednesday to vote on the other: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood vs. Your Lie in April. As always, you can vote on the match-ups below, but we also encourage you to subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. The fun there is in participating in the communal aspect of the games, as our subscribers cheer for their favorites and express disdain for others. The social media aspect has also been a way that we can provide voting throughout the week, though we’re going to take that option to the blog as well. Voting on the blog closes at 9am ET tomorrow.

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