First Impression: Dragon Goes House-Hunting

A troublesome son gets kicked out of the house and has to find his own place to live. It’s a tough situation for anyone, and especially for Letty, who is a weak dragon living in an RPG-esque fantasy world where everyone is out for his mats. As he goes out looking for a home that can keep him safe from monster hunters, he finds that even just trying to find a house is full of difficulties, from bad locations to very unheroic heroes. Thankfully, the housing market is here in this world, and realty may just help make Letty’s dream home a reality.

Its stats are probably only good for the early-game dungeons, though.

This show definitely reminded me of Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle in how it takes RPG fantasy tropes, applies them to something familiar to our modern livesin this case, house-huntingand has a ton of fun and some creativity with the concept. It’s one of those shows that ranks highly on one very important metric: the number of screencappable moments. Overall, this looks to be one of those really fun shows that you want at least one of every season, where silliness and laughs are 100% guaranteed drops. I definitely will go further with this series to see just how the ever-troublesome task of finding a place of residence goes for the denizens of a fantasy world.

He should probably try to find HM02.

Dragon Goes House-Hunting is streaming on Funimation.

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