First Impression: Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi is living a dead-end life, denigrated by his (younger) boss, the old lady who lives next door, and even random kids on the street. But though he lives an uneventful existence, Takemichi’s memory comes alive on the day that he discovers his ex-girlfriend and her brother died due to gang violence—in fact, he comes to relive that day in what Takemichi thinks is his life flashing before his eyes after he’s been pushed onto a track in front of a train. But the choices he makes, as small as they may seem, in what could be a time leap rather than a near-death experience, may impact the choices others make, and how the future turns out as well.

I’m a sucker for a storyline like this, where a boy gets to make choices that will not only change his life but more importantly the lives of others who have suffered. Tokyo Revengers feels a bit like a shonen ERASED, and thus not quite so heavy as that series, with a lead character who is suffering much like Satoru, but isn’t as intense or, well, responsible, which is why it may be perfect that this anime teams Takemichi with a character who is more serious and respectable. I’m absolutely ready to root for these two (and perhaps others from the past, since based on the ED it seems Takemichi’s old gang has a couple of members who later join the central antagonists of the show either as moles or, more likely, having graduated into it from the servile roles they played in middle school) to make a better future, and do so in a fun way through character development and the conventions that comes with shonen series. As long as the show doesn’t hang around for too long, for dozens and dozens of episodes (which seems unlikely), it could be quite a little gem.

Tokyo Revengers is streaming on Crunchyroll.


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    1. Hahaha thank you! And thanks for the link—I heard the new humble bundle features manga for a number of this season’s anime!

  1. I wasn’t planning on watching this but I love time travel stories so I guess I’m checking it out.

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