Review: Blue Box, Chapter Two

“A badminton guy falls for a basketball girl. Do these sports-crossed lovers have a chance?”

Whoa, hold the phone!

Did I just see the words “badminton guy” and “basketball girl”into?!

Okay, Shonen Jump, you have my attention!

Actually, Shonen Jump already snagged my attention with another of the newest releases on their app called Candy Flurry. Blue Box was the one that sealed the deal—it was time for me to get a subscription.

While Haikyu!! introduced me to the sports genre, it was manga like Waiting for Spring that made me fall head over heels for a good sports romance. Blue Box seems to be shaping up to deliver just that! While I absolutely loved the first chapter, it was chapter two that stole my manga-loving heart!

Taiki finds himself lurched in this latest chapter because Chinatsu is staying with his family until she graduates as her family moves abroad. She wants to go to nationals with her school’s basketball team, which stirs Taiki to aim for Nationals as well.

His senpai on his badminton team may voice how hard and how challenging the feat is (especially for a first year), but Taiki begins to make plans to see his new goal fulfilled anyway.

Taiki has continued to be the kind of hero I love cheering for as he is kind, respectful, exciting, and determined. The latest chapter on Shonen Jump affirms this even more so than the first chapter did. It’s not only his words, but in physical action that he strives to develop into a badminton player at a nationally recognized level, though his new training serves as twofold, also serving as a distraction from Chinatsu at home. I especially admire how he handles his feelings with her sharing a living space with him and his family. He is truly nothing but a gentleman!

I continue to absolutely adore this perfect blend of sports and romance! It is so very well done and is consistently keeping my attention as I cheer for the hero in both the sports department and the romance department!

I am beyond giddy to read the next chapter of this wonderful story!

Blue Box can be read at Shonen Jump. The most recent chapters are always free.

Laura A. Grace

2 thoughts on “Review: Blue Box, Chapter Two

  1. This is going to be a very slow burn romance (and Chapter 3 that dropped yesterday attests to that). It’s cute and very chaste so far, which I kind of appreciate. I hope it remains that way going forward and, if so, I’ll likely keep reading alongside you!

    1. SO true! It’s been a good slow burn and definitely agree that I hope it stays chaste! I’ll be so upset if it doesn’t! And YAY for reading buddies! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts as we read! 😀

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