Manga First Impression: Candy Flurry

Candy Flurry is the newest manga series from Shonen Jump. With art by Mitarashi Santa and written by Takegushi Ippon, the series features a very different and interesting concept. It opens up by discussing a magical candy called “Cyndy’s Toy Toy Candy,” which allows the person who eats it to be able to create sweets instantaneously from themselves. Sounds amazing, right? Except…



…A person who was able to summon lollipops destroyed Tokyo. Instead of summoning snacks, some used the power to summon treats for crime, destruction, or violence.

The story opens a some time later as a government agency called the Recette tracks candy “users” who are able to use it for violent means (which they do). High school student Tsumugi, who is able to wield lollipops (as in, she can summon cartoonishly enormous lollipops to defend herself or attack others), has kept her powers secret, however. With a lollipop user being the one who destroyed Tokyo, she really does not want the world to know who she is or about her ability. She’s afraid of what will happen if others find out or if the Recette hunt her down.

The rest of the chapter follows Tsumugi trying to conceal her power after using it to defend herself, going to school, and just trying to live her life…mostly normally. However, by the end of the first chapter, she ends up summoning a giant lollipop to protect a member of the Recette who’s also her classmate.

The first chapter features a high energy, interesting concept, dynamic fight scenes, and just overall was intense. I especially enjoyed the ending; Tsumugi releasing her power to protect the Recette agent was a great reveal. This was a solid setup for a series and I really look forward to seeing where this goes. I’ll definitely be adding to my reading list. Also, look at this dynamic shot:

Love it.

Candy Flurry can be read at Shonen Jump. The most recent chapter is always free.


4 thoughts on “Manga First Impression: Candy Flurry

  1. Tootsie pop kid: Ms. Tsumugi, how many licks does it take to get to the center of that giant lolipop?
    Tsumugi: It’s over 9,000!!! *knocks out the kid with her wielded lolipop*

  2. I LOVED this first chapter!! This actually caused me to get the Shonen Jump subscription because I wanted more of this! Definitely hoping it comes to print because I enjoyed it so much!

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