Interview with Rie Fu

We’re excited to announce that the next interview in our recent series of Instagram live streams will be with singer and artist, Rie Fu! A multi-genre talent with a vibrant YouTube channel and several new tracks released in recent months, Rie is probably best known to English-speaking otaku for her contributions to several anime soundtracks, including the EDs for Darker Than Black, D.Gray-man, and Bleach, the last of which we spoke to her about a couple of years ago.

Please come join us! We’ll be chatting with Rie bright and early to match her time in Japan, at 8:00 a.m. ET on June 10th (this Thursday). We promise it’ll be worth your while as we ask Rie questions and maybe hear her sing a couple tunes!

We hope you’ll get up to watch and participate in the live stream through our Instagram account, and that you’ll also follow Rie on hers, as well as subscribe to her YouTube channel.

And let us know what questions you’d like us to ask her! Drop them in the comments below.

We’ll see you at first light this Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Interview with Rie Fu

  1. Bleach has just started being dubbed in Italy so i’m re-watching the series with family, the 1st ending caught me by surprise, what a voice and what beautiful lyrics full of meaning, i hope the stream will go well!

    1. It really is an unexpected and lovely ending, isn’t it? I’m glad you’re getting to experience the song and anime, and I appreciate the comment. Grazie!

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