First Impression: Scarlet Nexus

The metropolis of New Himuka is constantly under threat of invasion by alien creatures called the “Others,” who descend upon the city in waves. To protect New Himuka’s citizens, the Other Suppression Force (OSF) fights these creatures when they invade, and a new set of some 2,000 cadets are graduating today to join the battle. They include Yuito, the brother of an OSF commander and son of the city’s founder; his friend Nagi; and Kasane and Naomi Randall, sisters who also display an aptitude to fight “the Others.” And they’ll all need to quickly put their abilities to use, as an invasion occurs on their graduation day.

I think my least-favorite type of anime are those adapted from action games. Although action and action RPG’s often feature wonderful cinematic qualities, it doesn’t work the other way around—they too often feel stilted and overly scripted. Scarlet Nexus isn’t particularly different in this regard, but there’s a real sense of fun and creativity here, maybe due to the well-regarded source material. If I’m not looking for anything too deep (though the opening episode wants us to consider conspiracies behind the invasions), Scarlet Nexus might be satisfying, one of those shows I like to watch every season—a series that lets me breathe, that’s just there for fun and for love of the characters. Add to that animation that’s quite pleasing to watch (although the show characteristically features static and one-color backgrounds during fights) with CGI that doesn’t feel too wonky, plus interesting abilities for the characters (Naomi’s precognition ability is especially cool), and you’ve got what appears to be a nice little series.

Scarlet Nexus can be streamed through Funimation. Read our thoughts on all the new summer anime series, in addition to comments from our other writers, on our Summer 2021 Anime First Impression master post.

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