Full Trailers for Komi and Star Wars: Visions!

What a week! Actually, what a day. Trailers for two highly-anticipated anime series dropped this past Wednesday. And while they’re aimed at very different types of audiences, they are both right in the comfort zone for us here at Beneath the Tangles.

Komi Can’t Communicate, the manga series whose fans were perhaps most vocal over recent years in demanding an anime adaptation, is finally here as an anime. Well, almost. Komi will premiere during the fall 2021 anime season, on October 6th.

Here’s the first full trailer for the series:

Meanwhile, as we try to become the center of all things Star Wars anime / manga, we also were ecstatic to see the first full trailer for Star Wars: Visions, Disney’s collaboration with a number of different Japanese studios, including Studio Trigger, Production IG, and Science Saru, on short films about a variety of SW topics and in varying styles.

I’m a bit wary, but still excited. The trailer, at least, is pretty slick:

If you’d like to take an alternate look at the trailer, see our Instagram Reel below (we also appreciate likes, follows, and comments!).

Let us know your thoughts on the series! Excited for them? Not really? Let us know, and tell us why!

4 thoughts on “Full Trailers for Komi and Star Wars: Visions!

  1. The trailer looks super epic. Some of the more serious clips have me hyped for what is to come, but also some of them look a bit over the top, and maybe not in a good way. (Spinning lightsaber umbrella, light saber whips, General Grievous as a cute anime girl?!) But like most things like this, I expect some to be awesome while others not so much.

    1. You know, I think that’s key—to have realistic expectations. I learned that from The Animatrix all those years ago. It was difficult for me to really enjoy that anthology because the disappointment in the lesser shorts clouded my enjoyment of the awesome ones.

  2. The “Star Wars: Visions” anthology reminds me of an old Dark Horse Comics series called “Star Wars Tales”. It was a long-running anthology series which featured ‘not necessarily canon’ stories that allowed writers and artists to play around in the Star Wars sandbox without being shackled by strict rules of continuity. Some stories were hits and some were misses and a few of the very best were sometimes retroactively made canon, but if you liked one, great, and if you didn’t like one, it’s not ‘official’ anyway.

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