Shoujo with a Shockingly “Violent” Twist: A Video Review of Prince Freya

The shoujo genre has quickly become one of my favorite manga genres. 

While sports manga and sports-themed manga is still my favorite, when I browse my shelves, I can’t deny that shoujo dominates my bookcase compared to other genres. I don’t necessarily mind this, thought I’ve begun to recognize themes and tropes that are common to manga shoujo series.

As part of the fun manga shopping video I did early last month, it’s time to share one of my unplanned pickups that I promised to video review for Beneath the Tangles!

Prince Freya was one of I’ve increasingly been curious about, but I’ve also have been warned by friends to not get too attached to anyone. (Don’t mind the nervous laughter you hear from me…)

If you’re curious as to how I enjoyed this darker shoujo, tune in to my non-spoiler review for my overall thoughts!

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