Something’s Wrong With This Fairy Tale: A Video Review of Fairy Tale Battle Royale

Long time ago, I only read novels.

And in that novel reading, dark fantasy was surprisingly one of my favorite genres of fantasy. I say surprisingly because when it comes to manga, I prefer lighter and humorous stories. While I will read the occasional “darker manga,” it’s not too often that I pick it up.

However, Fairy Tale Battle Royale is an exception. Last year I had read the first volume of this slightly creepy but extremely imaginative story, but didn’t share my thoughts with anyone at the time.

Today we are remedying that!

When I saw that the bookstore I shopped at for the recent manga shopping video I did on Beneath the Tangles, I knew it was one of the manga I wanted to pick up and review.

I am so excited to share my (non-spoiler) thoughts on Fairy Tale Battle Royale, a manga that I have continued to think about far after I finished it!

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