First Impression: takt op.Destiny

Music-hating monsters from space invaded Earth. Pairs, a Conductor and a Musicart, do mellifluous battle with the fiends. Takt (a Conductor) and Cosette (a Musicart) are one such dynamic duet; also, it’s not clear just what Cosette is, but she’s apparently not a normal human. They are traveling to New York from somewhere out west, chauffeured by a woman named Anna. In September 2047, somewhere in what looks to be the southwestern United States, the ensemble hits up a diner (see below), then defeats some monsters that are obstructing their journey.

Well that was fun! This episode was ridiculous, and I quite enjoyed it. I didn’t know I wanted an anime about anti-music aliens and a robotic (?) magical (?) girl and her weird conductor (Takt’s right arm vanishes and turns into a baton!), but I’m glad I tried it. It’s also always interesting to have anime set in America, to see how my native land gets portrayed. There was, as you might expect, some pretty cool music too. My only real complaint about the episode is that I’m still kind of confused about several things; hopefully future episodes will clarify matters. Based on its first episode, I happily recommend takt op.Destiny.

You can stream takt op.Destiny on Crunchyroll.

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