First Impression: VISUAL PRISON

What do you get when vampires sing to a blood red moon, but with lyrics, a beat, and a microphone that comes from their swords? VISUAL PRISON, of course, which was not at all what I expected when I pressed play on Funimation’s stream for this show.

Episode 1 introduces Ange Yuki, a normal kid with headphones who likes listening to visual kei bands (rock groups that have a lot of makeup and outrageous outfits). He is taking a walk in the city around dusk and as he listens to his music, when he finds a group of people anxious to hear one of these visual kei bands live, ECLIPSE. As they perform, the crowd is mesmerized by the blood red moon and the lyrics that the group perform. Ange Yuki seems to be able to see what the band is doing, unlike the rest of the people gathered. Eventually, another group called LOST EDEN arrives from some kind of portal and challenges ECLIPSE.

A lyrical battle ensues but by the end of it, Ange passes out and wakes up with the help from a member of yet another group. He explains that Yuki was chosen by the moon to become a vampire, and that the groups gather to see whose song can impact more people. At least that’s what I understood. This anime offers way too many characters, groups, ideas and styles all at once; I was lost the whole time watching it. First the characters are singing, then a red moon shows up for no reason, and to sing they pull swords out of their bodies which are actually microphones. To top it off, the animation switches to 3D for some parts, which I wasn’t expecting and didn’t think it was necessary.

The story also made no sense. Are they vampires that are disguised as visual kei groups? Do they drink blood, or do they get their power from the moon? Why are there so many characters? Are there going to be songs in every episode? So many questions, and I’m not interested in watching more for the answers.

You can watch VISUAL PRISON on Funimation.


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