First Impression: Kaginado

A familiar little girl wearing a sailor fuku with stuffed dango in hand walks into a planetarium, where she’s greeted by another familiar face, an android with blue hair, who introduces her to a story among the stars, where orbs are able to grant wishes and friends and family can join together one last time…

Okay, let’s stop here. Despite the magical intro featuring Yumemi and Ushio, this chibi series isn’t adding a new heartbreaking tale to Key’s trail of tears. Clocking in at four minutes each, these episodes will simply serve to revisit the classic Key shows of the past, specifically Air, Kanon, Clannad, and Little Busters, with Rewrite and the aforementioned Planetarian getting some run, too.

For details about whether Ayu would actually be arrested, check out this explanation on Twitter.

The gags are nothing innovative—take a memorable scene and beloved characters and twist them on their heads, like having Rin complain about lack of make-out time with Riki as her brother fades away, or Nagisa singing the wrong dango song during a famous moment on stage. The jokes aren’t great, and further, it’s actually jarring to start welling up with emotion as these chibi versions relive heartrending scenes before they break into a gag, but at the minuscule run time, this Key fan will be tuning in every week (if I don’t end up dropping Kaginado and binging these classic shows again instead).

Kaginado can be streamed through Funimation.


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