First Impression: Healer Girl

In a world much like our own, except with musical magic, Kana is a first-year high school student and a new apprentice healer: one who sings to magically heal illness and injuries. We meet her fellow apprentices Hibiki and Reimi, as well as their master, and see the clinic where they work, getting a taste of their training to become magical medical songstresses. When a neighbor collapses, Kana wrestles with what to do, since as an apprentice, she’s still forbidden from healing. So instead of trying to diagnose and heal the problem, she settles on singing simply to calm and relax the patient until help arrives. This unleashes a sparkly psychedelic aura (which only other healers can see?) called an “image,” and apparently it’s important somehow.

Well that was unexpected. So we’ve got modern Japan, except with a bit of magic. And I think it’s probably fair to call this episode a musical, since the characters sang at least as much as, if not more than, they used ordinary speech. At some points, this episode gave off shonen vibes, and other times it felt kind of magical girl-esque. Overall, the episode came across as a slice-of-life cute-girls-doing-musical-things show. But since magical girl stories have a notorious history of starting out upbeat and then abandoning all hope and plunging into the ninth circle of hell, I’m not really confident what kind of show this will turn out to be. I didn’t love Healer Girl‘s opening episode, but it did entertain and intrigue me enough that I’ll come back for at least another episode or two before making a decision.

Healer Girl is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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