Boyz II Men Cover Utada Hikaru’s “First Love”

Although off topic for my blog, I couldn’t resist writing about this story.  Japanator reported in December that Boyz II Men would be releasing a J-Pop CD.  Entitled COVERED – Winter-, it released on December 22, and featured covered of artists like EXILE and…Utada Hikaru!  That’s right – the three member group (if I remember correctly,… Read More Boyz II Men Cover Utada Hikaru’s “First Love”

You Raise Me Up

The opening of an anime can set the entire tone for a series.  A great one will hook an audience (see Neon Genesis Evangelion); a weak one, and producers might lose viewers before the series has even started. Beyond that, an opening needs to be appropriate for the series.  One the prettiest and most appropriate… Read More You Raise Me Up