First Impression: Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story

Eve doesn’t play golf; she just hits a ball with a stick to make money. The U-15 hustler needs that money to pay off the corrupt cops in her run-down Southern European town and keep her found family from being busted up and farmed out to foster care or worse. With the help of her fixer/caddy/adoptive younger sister Lily, she runs a number of different “jobs”, from impersonating professional players, to midnight showdowns with masked challengers, to daytime country club wagers that, if lost, will cost Lily a young girl’s most precious possession…her Gunpla model. Hey, everyone has their hobbies! Eve blows the competition away every time—quite literally, considering that she’s been trained to approach teeing off like firing a gun and has honed her most powerful move, the Blue Bullet, until it is capable of shearing limbs off a tree. She herself is known as the Rainbow Bullet, so there must be other colors in her arsenal too, though maybe only three since she has only three clubs. Anyhow, after a spate of high octane, trick-shot riven wins, Eve is challenged by Aoi Amawashi, a ninja corporate princess from Japan who doesn’t get Lily’s Gunpla references is in town to make her international debut in the upcoming U-15 Women’s Golf Championship. And the thing about Aoi? Her sword, er, driver is longer than anything Eve has seen before. How can she wield such a weapon club?

If you have ever wondered what a shonen golf anime would be like, look no further! Birdie Wing sets out to make golf exciting and boy does it ever deliver! Gangsters and gambling, (metaphorical) guns and swords, and insanely impossible (golf) moves all with evocative English names, set to a pulsating soundtrack with solid animation and very pretty backgrounds, starring an overconfident wild card outsider orphan hero who is secretly moody and reflective at the sunset hour, and is confronted by her exact opposite, an unruffable, inscrutable, deadly smiling Buddha of a girl? This is going to be fun. Like, really fun. Also, Lily is hilarious. I think we might just have a truly awesome girls’ sports anime on our hands here people. Sign me up.

The irrepressible Lily gloating after a midnight win.

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story can be streamed on Crunchyroll.


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