First Impression: Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie

Second-year high school student Izumi sets off on the first day of the new school year. His mom’s warning as he leaves sounds like a joke…until we learn he’s some kind of bizarre accident magnet. Even when he avoids an accident, he just winds up on the cusp of a different pitfall. Fortunately, he has a cute girlfriend named Shikimori, who happens to have Jedi-level reflexes and danger senses that enable her to protect poor Izumi. After school is out, the two of them go bowling, along with their friends, including two who go by Inu and Neko! Throughout the episode, we also learn that Izumi feels like he’s a burden to Shikimori for constantly needing her to save him from random peril.


It’s a laid-back high school romantic comedy that doesn’t look like it’ll be especially unique (not a criticism; it is a pretty crowded genre), but should be plenty funny and cute. Another plus is that some rather pretty backgrounds show up throughout the episode. Also, I’m jumping at shadows, but I got the sense that maybe there’s a bit of a mystery behind Shikimori’s mad skillz. If so, then this might not be quite the straightforward romcom it appears to be. There’s also some interesting potential to explore masculinity through Izumi’s insecurity regarding his dependence on his girlfriend for constant protection. I have no complaints about this episode and will definitely tune in again next week.

This actually happens when you bowl a perfect game

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie is streaming on Crunchyroll.


One thought on “First Impression: Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie

  1. Shikimori was very cool but Izumi came off as really lame in this episode. I’ll give it one more episode but so far it hasn’t caught my interest.

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